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About CFRP Realty

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Condos are as low as $40,000

Real estate in Orlando is at some of the best prices in years!

Houses and condos are being bought at preconstruction prices. Condos have been as low as $40,000. These prices won’t be this low forever. Remember, you can’t steal in slow motion. Now is the time to buy while the time is right. You don’t want to miss this awesome opportunity.

Experienced Property Search

CFRP Realty has the experience to not only locate your real estate purchase, but we can also assist you in managing your investment property. With over 20 years of experience, we are ready to serve you. Property searches will be based on your investment purpose and criteria. Experience in sales and rental market CFRP Realty makes an ideal choice to help facilitate your purchase. Our knowledge of potential repair costs and the current rental market allows us to help you determine your probable return on investment.

Property Improvement

Once your investment property is purchased, CFRP Realty can coordinate improvements and repairs. Tenant appeal can be improved with something as simple as a property cleaning. More extensive improvements may involve replacing old carpets or painting walls neutral colors. Whatever your choice, CFRP Realty will go over the options you have, and the costs involved prior to starting work. Our main goal is to maximize your property’s investment potential and quickly secure a tenant.

With over 600 rental units in Central Florida, we have the experience you need.