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Customer Reviews

I've been a tenant with this management company for going on 4 years now and I can't say enough how attentive, responsive, and willing to improve the quality of living they are. ESPECIALLY my Manager Lori Joy!! No matter the request, no matter the time -- she's always in communication and available. I've had a few management companies in my past and none works like a well oiled machine as well as this one. Can't go wrong!

The property is ok but the communication while renting is horrible you can NEVER get in contact with anyone especially when being charged with unaware fees Can be very frustrating.

John Dannel has been managing our rentals for 15 years & has done a great job! Due to his management the homes have been well maintained & through the process that CFRP Realty uses they find qualified tenants which reduces the turnover costs. John is a very proactive property manager & i`m glad to have been referred to him 15 years ago.

Gin Hooi Tan
Mr. Dannel is a remarkably responsive, highly efficient, easily accessible, holistic and calm person who possesses all the positive qualities to be a good property manager. As a real estate agent, Mr. Dannel is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of real estate transactions, bylaws & circumstances. More important to a foreign investor like myself, he possesses sufficient knowledge to provide repair costs to buy a resale property. This is vital in order to determine an offer.

John Dannel has been managing our rental homes for more than 10 years. His management has obtained qualified tenants and adequately maintained the properties. Additionally, when we have sold properties it has been done in an efficient, timely and professional manner. Very reliable and dependable.

Grace Yohannan
For the past ten years, John Dannell and CFRP our rental home in Apopka, FL. We never had any trouble. All our tenants were vetted and stayed several years each. We received constant updates on the condition of the home, which we had bought in 1989. When we decided to sell the house this past summer, it was sold in three days! And John was able to negotiate a slightly higher price for the house than it was listed for. We had never rented property before but are glad CFRP and John were in charge. Thanks to all of you.