Office Hours

  • Mon - Fri: (8-4 pm)
  • Closed Daily: 11:30-12:30
  • Saturday: Appt Only
  • Sunday: Closed


  • Phone: 407-682-8686
  • Fax: 407-682-8699

Full Service Management

Full Service means just that, Full Service!

  • Locating and Placement of Tenants

  • Advertise in MLS

  • Notify local real estate offices of available rentals

  • Take all interested prospects to properties

  • Advertising on the Internet

  • Verify income with employers

  • Verify rental pay record with previous landlord

  • Check condition of prospect's current residence

  • See if prospective tenant has ever been evicted

  • Check credit history

Monetary Responsibilities

  • Collect all rent when due

  • Pay for repairs out of monthly rents

  • Disburse remaining funds to owner

  • Spend monthly-itemized statements of income and expenses

Property Maintenence

  • Inspect interior of property twice a year

  • Inspect exterior of property on a regular basis

  • Make all necessary repairs to maintain your property value

  • Make sure local ordinances are being obeyed

  • Make sure association guidelines are being followed

  • Notify owner of normal maintenence items

CFRP Realty has several leasing and management packages available to our customers. Please contact our office to find out which service is best suited to your needs.